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We strive to provide you with quality products that enhance your outdoor experience

ERA Global, LLC manufactures and supplies a wide range of wildlife ranching products such as deer blinds, deer feeders, grills and charcoal, mainly. We use heavy, high-quality materials to create the most comfortable, safest and highest quality hunting blinds, deer blind trailers, and deer feeders on the market. 

ERA Global’s products are well known for their durability and quality. All of our deer blinds with stands are designed with a deck for comfortable and safe access for hunters and include a urination system. The delivery and handling of the blinds is extremely simple since all its parts are designed to go inside the blind and as a single package.

All of our hunting and fishing products are under the TAY-YAS brand, which was inspired by the origin of the name of our state of Texas. The state has its roots in the Caddo language, an indigenous language of the region. The word “Tay-Yas” or “Taysha” in Caddo means “friends” or “allies”. The first Spanish explorers to arrive in the region in the 16th century adopted this word and used it to refer to the indigenous tribes that inhabited the area, as well as the region itself. Over time, the word “Tay-Yas” evolved into “Texas” and was used to denote the vast territory that would eventually become the state of Texas. Today, the name Texas evokes both the rich historical heritage and the spirit of camaraderie and friendship that characterize Texans, and it has since become an iconic symbol of the Lone Star State’s history, culture, and independent spirit.

Our charcoal & briquettes are made with mesquite because cooking with mesquite charcoal offers several benefits that enhance the culinary experience. Mesquite charcoal is known for its distinct smoky flavor, which imparts a rich and savory taste to grilled or smoked dishes. The aromatic properties of mesquite charcoal infuse a unique essence into meats, seafood, and vegetables, creating a delicious and memorable dining experience. Additionally, mesquite charcoal burns at a high temperature, allowing for a quick and efficient cooking process. Its intense heat sears food, locking in juices and creating a delectable charred exterior.

Furthermore, mesquite charcoal produces minimal ash and imparts a minimal amount of smoke, resulting in a cleaner grilling environment and reducing the risk of overpowering flavors. The versatility of mesquite charcoal makes it suitable for various cooking methods, whether grilling, smoking, or even baking. Its natural and authentic flavor profile elevates the taste of dishes, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a robust and distinctive culinary experience. 


For our grills, charcoal, and briquettes we created the “Pancho Villa” brand, named after the Mexican revolutionary leader who had a significant impact on the history of Texas during the Mexican Revolution at the beginning of the 20th century. Villa’s actions resonated strongly, directly affecting Texas and the United States government ordered the Punitive Expedition, a military operation, to pursue Villa. Villa’s pursuit lasted almost a year, but he ultimately failed to capture him. Villa’s actions and the Punitive Expedition left an indelible mark on Texas history, and we want our grills and charcoal to leave an indisputable mark on your food as well.

We are a company that is always trying to innovate and create new products or ways of doing things better; as a result we have the Fast & Fiery charcoal starter or fire starter, which guarantees a fast, safe, uniform ignition and without bad odors that affect your food.

If you are looking for a quick and efficient charcoal ignition, our charcoal starters are the ideal solution. Our design is patent pending and we created it to ignite your charcoal quickly, safely and evenly, without the risk of choking your flame so your charcoal will be ready to cook in less than 10 minutes.


Since our starters work with the cooking oil of your choice, your food will not be at risk of being contaminated with gasoline or those foul-smelling lighter fluids; they are safe since there will be no blazing flames or sudden flames. The ignition is immediate and your charcoal or briquettes will ignite without getting tired yourself by blowing on it. We decided to handle under the brand Fast & Fiery because their name says it all, they are fast and don’t turn off until you have your grill or fire ready.

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